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CraigsList Marketing

I ran across a forum discussion concerning affiliate marketing on CraigsList. The question? “How do you market on Craigslist without being banned?” There is an aggressive “anti-capitalist” flavor to the website — which only makes sense when the company is headquartered in liberal San Francisco. They ban most ads that link directly to ClickBank. My…

Click Fraud 14.2% Of Clicks

SearchEngineLand is reporting that marketers continue to get fleeced when advertising on Google and other search engines in this entry… Click Forensics has updated its Click Fraud Index with data from the fourth quarter of 2006, reporting an overall industry average click fraud rate of 14.2 percent Can you afford to lose 14.2% a quarter?

Boosting Adsense Profits With Background Images

It seems that enterprising bloggers are finding a way get their ads noticed using background images. Smart. Very smart. There is a problem though.  It seems that Google has a problem with images being used.  We ask that publishers not line up images and ads in a way that suggests a relationship between the images…

Adsense Plug-In To Test

People are swearing up and down that the Adsense Beautifier plug-in is resulting in a higher CTR. All I can say is TEST. If it works, let me know.

Adsense Placement And Clickability

By now you should have all read about the famous “Golden Triangle”. The top/left/above-the fold portion of your web pages and blog entries that attracts the most eyeballs. Of course, Brad Fallon and his SEO partner stressed that in the free videos for StomperNet. Ok, so you got that. Now read this about clever ads……

Click Fraud: Google Sued AGAIN By Advertisers!

Google still is in denial concerning click fraud saying that it amounts to less than 10% of clicks. But what else are they supposed to say? If they say that click fraud is a bigger problem they could find shareholders dumping their stock. If you are advertising with Google Adwords then I highly recommend that…

Click-Fraud Still A Big Problem

Once again click-fraud is in the news: Over the past three years, he has noticed a growing number of puzzling clicks coming from such places as Botswana, Mongolia, and Syria. This seemed strange, since MostChoice steers customers to insurance and mortgage brokers only in the U.S…. (Fleischmann) used specially designed software to discover that the…

Correction: Revver Ad Rates

I received an email from Oliver Luckett the founder of Revver… I just saw a posting that someone sent in regards to your not getting a rate card from us. I am hoping that this has been resolved. Here is an email from January 31st that was sent to you in regards to the rates….

Revver Drops The Ball!

As a follow-up to this post on making money with video… Revver never followed up by sending me their ad rates. In other words: this company is NOT going to be around long. Companies that do not follow-up with people trying to give them money do not last long. [Correction: see here]

3 Ways For Bloggers To Make Money With Video!

Here is an interesting new revenue stream for bloggers/information marketers. Here is how you make money… 1. Create a video tutorial. 2. Upload the video to Revver. 3. Revver attaches an ad to the end of the video — and hosts the video for FREE on their servers. 4. You email your list promoting the…