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Beware of Affiliate Link Hijackers!

Beware of Affiliate Link Hijackers! If you are an Amazon affiliate, selling books from your blog, I guarantee that someone is stealing you blind. Who, you ask? Hijackers. Affiliate link hijackers. Don’t be surprised if you are losing hundreds of dollars each month to hijackers. I know what you are thinking


Gizmodo For months I have failed to talk about *one* of Nick Denton’s weblogs. Called “Gizmodo” it is about all things electronic. I could get lost in there for hours, looking at all the products and wizbangs that pop-up everyday. In fact, I am sure that I am not the only one. That is what…

Affiliate Skimming

Affiliate Skimming A recent post in Blogads spoke of affiliate skimming going on at the SciFan website. I recommended to him that he use an affiliate link cloaker to plug the hole that all of his profits are draining from. It’s a great little program! [URL: Blogads weblog: comments ]