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Advanced Course on EBay?

I found a free video that will give you an inside look at Ebay. It probably isn’t something you will see in a Dave Espino infomercial anytime soon.

I Have The High Bid!

I found just what I was looking for in an office chair over at EBay. I am going to save it for when I have a hot secretary… Pretty nifty huh? The cool thing is the seller lives in Atlanta! Right down the road from me. And here is why that is important… This chair…

Blogger Is On Auction. High Bid Is $1500

An enterprising blogger is auctioning his services right now on EBay. His thinking is that if he were to advertise of he might only get 5 inquiries. Now he is getting a crapload of interested parties and bids! (Yes “a crapload” is an official unit of measure.) That is a great use of Guerilla…

E-Bay Now Has Text Ads

Did you notice that eBay has just provided you with another way to advertise with text ads? [URL: — “eBay’s Ad Play” ]

Affiliate Products on E-Bay

Do you buy and sell on E-Bay? If so, would you be interested in earning a $100-200 a month in extra income? [URL: Affiliate Products on E-Bay ]