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Recording of Joe Vitale’s WebCast Is Ready

In case you missed it… Here is a FREE recording of Joe Vitale’s lastest webcast, where he lays out his hypnotic marketing secrets. Once you sign up, it will give you free access to the MP3 file…. [URL: NitroWebcasts — “Joe Vitale Shares His Hypnotic Marketing Secrets” ]

Just Do It — In Your Underwear!

A couple weeks ago I ordered Jeff Paul’s “Making Money Quick and Easy At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear” after watching his infomercial. I had heard of Jeff years ago, but it wasn’t until I heard Frank Kern (creator of the Underachiever System) mention his book in a teleseminar, that I sat up and…

The Details: Perry Marshall Explains The Technology

I contacted Perry Marshall yesterday afternoon, following my previous post, and he has graciously allowed me to post a completed unedited recording of the teleseminar, for those that were not on the call. He also gives a few more details in this email… (This email was edited a bit, so you are just getting the…

Improve ALL of Your Advertising 500% ?!

I just finished listening to a teleseminar from Perry Marshall — and all I can say is… “Holy Crap!” It was advertised as “The Slam Factor”: A Quantum Leap in Improving Website Conversion, Email and Direct Marketing Profitability and for ONCE I can say I that agree with such an outrageous claim. It seems that…

A Profitable Online Business In Only 8 Hours?! That Has To Be A Record

Stunned. That’s all I can say. Joshua Shaffron of Real Net Profits walked a husband and wife team through building a profitable website in only 8 hours — and take a look at the results! Want to see a webcast explaining how it was done? It’s free.

Secrets From The Lost Art of Common Sense Marketing

Last Saturday, in my newsletter, I told you folks about a fantastic book that I picked up at the used bookstore called, “Secrets From The Lost Art of Common Sense Marketing”. The book was written by two proteges of Gary Halbert, and is chock full of smart marketing strategies. So far a total of 19…

Quit Hitting Yourself In the Head — Use The DashBoard

Do you own Marlon Sander’s Amazing Formula? If you don’t then your are an idiot. Yes, that is a harsh statement — but come on now. He is the “old man” of the Internet. He invented the two-page website. He pioneered the mantra: The money is in the list. The money is in the list….

I Smell Smoke

This is the hottest piece of software to come out in a looooong time! Introducing Tinderbox the “Personal Content Management Assistant” which is a tool that allows you to map and arrange notes on your desktop, build relationships — and then publish those notes via a blog! Take a look at the product and then…

The Death of Zip, The Birth of Rar

There is a new compression format on the market that will spell the death of Zip. It compresses a full 30% smaller than zip, which is quite an improvement. Imagine cutting your bandwidth costs by 1/3… The format and software is getting rave reviews. [URL: — File Compression Utility ]

Free Seminar Tonight — Don’t Miss It!

As I mentioned in Saturday’s newsletter, for the past month I have been running a split-test on my sales page of audio vs, non-audio. The clear winner was audio with TRIPLE the sales (32 vs. 11). Armand Morin is giving a free teleseminar tonight at 8pm EST (5pm PST) and you need to be on…