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Michel Fortin Asks About Subscription Income!

Michel Fortin asks the question… I love WordPress. Thing is, I need a subscription-based process, where people can subscribe (for example, using PayPal or PayDotCom), and gain access to the site. I’ve looked high and low for a WordPress plugin that would do this. Surely, it must be available or easy to do. He should…

Forced Continuity Programs

What is a forced continuity program? It is a strategy where the buyer is auto-billed or their credit card is automatically debited by a merchant each month until the customer cancels. The onus is on the customer to cancel their subscription — not on the merchant to renew it. Think… “Book of the Month” clubs….

Making Money With BitPass

Here are two days worth of BitPass revenue for my latest report titled Learn The Whispered Secrets Of An Email Marketing Wizard… I am not sure which is more important to talk about: the FACT that you can make money with micropayments (despite what the anti-capitalist professors say) — or how much people are loving…

Micropayment Predictions Continue

Courtesy of my friend John Taylor at comes this little snippet of a prediction. Experts are still thinking that micropayments will continue to expand. I agree. Especially with the proliferation of online on-demand video and multimedia. BitPass is in a great position to make a huge amount of money, however my own testing has…

BitPass Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag

From the press release… BitPass, Inc., a leading Internet payments company for digital content and services, announced the introduction of BitPass Studios, a revolutionary new service that enables anyone to sell music, photos, reports and other digital files simply by uploading those files and inserting a URL into an email or an instant message (IM)….

Micropayment Enabled

If I’m not the first blogger to use micropayments — I will be remembered as being the first blogger to use micropayments. =) What is a micropayment? A micropayment is nothing more than a small payment for content. Those payments can be from a few dollars — all the way down to a fraction of…

Micropayments Can Provide More Choices

Micropayments are a fantastic revenue stream that I am experimenting with. Here is a great article explaining micropaymnts and some solutions. [URL:

ClickBank — Two Tier Affiliate Program!

I just found this post at The Warrior Forum: ClickBank would like to know what features you think the

ClickBank Hoplink Update

Good news from ClickBank… You are going to have a choice on whether or not to use the new hoplinks — a very wise decision. Can you imagine how many broken links (and lost revenue) there would have been? [URL: ClickBank Announcement ]

Big Improvements At ClickBank!

A about two months ago the CFO for ClickBank showed up in Allen Says’s Warrior Forums and asked us what the problems were with ClickBank. Many people let loose with their suggestions. I emailed him a long and detailed email. This is the result, and it’s awesome news! [URL: CLICKBANK HOPLINK SYSTEM UPGRADE ]