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StormPay Not Listening

One of the part owners of StormPay made the mistake of coming into the Warrior Forum and trying to drum up business. Quite a few people brought up concerns including outrageously high fees and accounting problems. Ummm… Would you want your payment processor having routine accounting problems? Would you want your payment processor headquartered offshore…

BitPass Secures $1.5 Mil

Micropayments are one step closer. Right now I am beta-testing for BitPass and just installed their script on my server this weekend. Working on my first project now, and it promises to be a first in blogging and online history. [URL: Yahoo — “BitPass Secures Series A Funding” ]

Taxing Online Purchases To Start Soon

Frickin’ great. More taxes to fund social welfare crap. Why don’t they learn to cut sepnding. A system that will let states collect sales tax from online purchasers should become operational next year. More than enough state legislatures have passed laws this year to implement the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, said Dianne Hardt, project co-chair…

An Awesome PHP / PayPal Tutorial

Here is an awesome tutorial showing you how to incorporate PayPal into your website using PHP. Book mark this one! [URL: PayPal The PHP Approach ]

Micropayments — BitPass

Micropayments are exciting stuff for infopreneurs. Nickels and dimes add up to large sums of money very quickly — just ask the cell phone companies. I am working with BitPass as they beta-test their system. Why no paid content yet? Bugs on their end. =) A few start-up Internet companies are taking on a problem…

ClickBank, PayPal and now Amazon!

Amazon is entering the online payment arena allowing your customers to pay for goods and services using Amazon accounts. There will be features to control subscriptions and control access to content. Not only is this another sales avenue for infopreneurs, but it will cause the other companies to improve service and offer competitive prices. I…

MicroPayments Appear To Be Here!

MicroPayments Appear To Be Here! Guy Kawasaki the former software evangelist of Apple Computer and fellow Hawaiian brother is funding a new company called BitPass which appears to be the first workable foray into micropayments. Micropayments are the future for online content and allow a creator like myself to charge small micropayments for our content….