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Did You Know?

Here is a video that will make you think. Highly recommended.

Blogs + Politics = Money

American politicians are gearing up for the 2006 Congressional races — and within the next couple months you will see a surge in the number of blogs being created, a surge in blog readership, and a surge in the amount of money being raised by candidates. Some people are getting it… 2006 will find politicians…

Political Blogging for Money

An assistant professor of economics said something that bothers me… Some bloggers want to be perceived as non-partisan and so might not take money for helping a political party. But other bloggers clearly indicate their support for one party and so their ethics wouldn’t be compromised by accepting money for having helped a political party….

Political Blogs: The Democrats Are Getting It Right

As the US elections kick into high-gear it is apparent which candidate (and party) is better at using the Internet to get their message out, and to collect cash… Here is an article in the San Jose Mercury News that will give you the background on political blogging… [URL: San Jose Mecury News — “Political…

Political Consultants See The Power in BlogAds

Last year, I wrote a mini-course called “13 Keys to Exploding Your Donations”. It seems that I could roll that up into a nice little info-product now. It is a timeless subject that will be popular every two years… …political consultants who specialize in fund raising and online campaigning say blog ads have become an…