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Did You Know?

Here is a video that will make you think. Highly recommended.

Lynn Terry Crosses The Line!

It seems that the Tennessee bombshell (aka: Lynn Terry) has crossed the line and begun creating far-fetched stories in order to make a buck. She has sold out — and by her own admission has been “doing it for years“. PayPerPost is a cool little service that hooks advertisers up with bloggers… All you have…

Boy That Chick Can Shoot!

The other day I wrote an email about how women tend to shoot better then men. It seems some of you ladies have some stories! Like this one from Kristal S. – So, my friend Jerry and his wife Janis started “courting” when they were young Calhoun Countians in the hills of West Virginia. Janis…

Lions, Tigers, Bears and Elephants!

This story has nothing to do with marketing. This story is sad… A Siberian tiger attacked and killed a teenage girl who was posing for photos at a family-run animal sanctuary Thursday in southeast Kansas, authorities said. The Labette County Sheriff’s office identified the victim as Haley R. Hilderbrand, 17, of Altamont. A statement from…

King Of The Fuck-Up Fairies (KOTFUF)

I had someone unsubscribe today from my newsletter. Their name is JohAnna and the reason they gave Aweber for unsubscribing was: SPAM. Spam? Fracking SPAM? (I need to tone down my swearing so, I will go with using frack. Don’t know what frack means? Then you need to watch more Sci-Fi Channel on Friday nights.)…

Balls As Big As A Bull!

I just spewed Coke all over my screen when I clicked through to this ad… After reading the headline, I was thinking “Who the hell is this guy?” “World-Famous #1 Website Conversion Expert (The Hidden Genius Behind Many Successful Money-Making Websites)

Smacker vs. Triumph

I was just over at Bill O’Reilly’s website when I saw a video for Conan OBrien’s co-host “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog”. And he bears a striking resemblance to Jim Edwards’s new co-host “Smacker” of The Friday Night Smack Down. My question, are they related?

I’ll Take A #3 Please. I Suppose You Don’t Sell McRibs?

It seems that the Iraqis have the counterfeit game all figured out. But not DVDs or Gucci handbags. They counterfiet hamburgers! Image stolen from Boing Boing [URL: Boing Boing — “Iraq’s Loving It!” ]

Rumsfeld Turns Infopreneur

It seems that Donald Rumsfeld will be attending the System Training in San Fran. He has just released his new writing course… [URL: The Village Voice — “Rummy’s Writing Course” ]

Drudge Admits To Being A Marketing Moron

Here is an interesting article on Matt Drudge and his little empire. I found it while doing research for the next issue of my newsletter, which should be out by this coming weekend. Thing to note: It’s a two person company. He admit’s to being an idiot when it comes to marketing. He only makes…