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Blogging Is Not About Search Engine Ranking

Blogs are all the rage right now. A lot of Internet marketers are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Why? They are looking at RANKINGS. Trying to increase their foothold on competitive search terms, so that they can hump their products. The problem I see is that Internet marketers are NOT trying to provide valuable content…

Google Suggest

Google has another service out in beta. Enter in a search term and Google will create a pulldown list of the most searched terms on Google for the portion on the keyword that you have entered. Kinda hard to explain — so go check it out. [URL: Google Suggest Beta ]

New Google Product — Scholar

Here is the ultimate tool for copywriters and info-publishers. Writing some ad copy on a new product for heart disease? Would it be nice to have a list of all the scholarly journals written on heart disease? Yeah I thought so too. Or maybe you are my friend John Alanis, and have an awesome book…

MSN Search Goes Live!

Microsoft has gone live with their search engine. You expect the URL to change to something more memorable — and for contextual ads to appear soon. [URL: MSN Search ]

Search Engine Optimization Radio Show

My friend Brad Fallon is blowing me away with how he is generating leads for his product Search Engine Stomper. He said that he would be blogging from the Marketing Sherpa Lead Generation conference, but nothing so far! Brad has been using Internet radio to generate leads… awesome… Search Engine Radio is the only Internet…

10 Basic Steps To Search Engine Positioning

I am not a big fan of SEO (search engine optimization), but here is an article for you folks that are. I am a firm believer that you should JUST WRITE. There are better ways to spend your time — like writing press releases, constructing PPC campaigns, etc. [URL: WebProNews — “10 Steps To Higher…

AskJeeves And Teoma Now Indexes PDF Files

A couple more search engines are now indexing PDF files meaning: your PDF reports and articles will be driving in more sales. It also means that more of your PDF ebooks will be open to theft. There is always a double-edged sword. [URL: WebProNews –”AskJeeves And Teoma Now Indexes PDF Files” ]

Cool Tool To Explore Links

Joe Vitale shared this tool in the latest issue of his monthly newsletter. It’s called TouchGraph and it creates a visual map of all the sites linking to your websites. I am a visual learner, so this promises to help me process information quickly. I plan on using it to plan my advertising. Even though…


Here is a spooky trend… Customer-service reps and concierges are beginning to encourage employees to do a Google search on new customers to learn what preferences you have. What ever happened to privacy? Story tip: Courtesy of John Taylor of [URL: — “COUNTER-GOOGLING” ]

Overture’s Answer To Google AdSense

Overture is trying to compete with Google through acquisition. So it looks like webmasters and bloggers will have another revenue source available other than Google AdSense. That sounds good to me, especially considering that the fags at Google refused my AdSense application. In what company officials call “a real alternative to Google’s AdSense,” Quigo Technologies…