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WordPress Hacks

I just spotted all sorts of nice hacks for WordPress over at scriptygoddess. Definitely worth the look.

WYSIWYG Plugin For WordPress

A nice plug-in for WordPress that allows you to add a WYSIWYG editor. A couple minor bugs — but well worth it. Mudbomb — “WYSIWYG Plugin For WordPress”

Selling Content From Your Blog

For those of you using Movable Type, that are looking to sell content via your blog, here is another option instead of BitPass… Arvind Satyatanarayan, author of Movalog and creator of MT-Blogroll, has released a new Movable Type plugin – MT-Protect – which allows you to protect individual weblog entries via password or via a…

FireFox… You’re Fired!

I just learned of this new browser via Chris Pirillo and it is awesome! It’s so good in fact that I have scrapped using FireFox! Oh, and it’s free… Enough said there. [URL: Maxthon Browser for IE ]

A Blogger’s Wet Dream!

I am in love. Not with a woman. And NO — not with a man either! *rolls eyes* I am in love with a new piece of research software, that was designed from the ground up with bloggers and info-marketers in mind! So what does it do? Imagine having a powerful supercomputer that could find…

PMachine Blogging Software Update

I received a question from a reader and wanted to clarify: PMachine is free now, however only for non-commercial use. Meaning you cannot make a profit via content, Adsense, advertisements, affiliate links, info-products, etc. Which means… many of you should be using WordPress! [URL: pMachine – “FREE pMachine Pro Download — Non-Commercial” ]

Press Release Software — For FREE!

Here is some free software to help you build a press release. I looked at its results and it is okay as far as format. However, I would not think of writing a press release without looking at what Joe Vitale is doing… Maybe you missed his recent hypnotic press release on Britney Spears. And…

Did They Read It Yet?

Cool little program that will tell you if someone has opened and read your personal email. It’s beta version is FREE — however it only works with MS Outlook for now. (I don’t use that piece of shit. I am a PocoMail loyalist.) [URL: Mailinfo – Keep track of your e-mail ]

Looking For A Free Tivo System?

Have you always wanted a Tivo System for your TV? Did you know there is an open-source (FREE) way of creating your own Tivo? [URL: Use Your Own Computer As A FREE Tivo System! ]

FREE Software to Create Adobe PDFs!

I received an email from a reader asking me for help. Let’s call him Steve to make things simple. Steve lost his job a couple weeks ago and is struggling to make ends meet. I understand his pain, because in 1999, I was homeless with $100 in my pocket. He asked me, “Do you know…