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Do-It Yourself Eye Tracking

If you are REALLY into testing you may want to construct your OWN eye-tracking hardware. Rumor has it that Michel Fortin is going to start including this as part of his copywriting services.

The Ultimate New Split-Test Software!

Armand has just released a new product. And it is the ultimate in split-test software — allowing you to test multiple items at the same time! Go check it out! (Ed Note: Changes were made to reflect the comments! ) [URL: The Ultimate New Split-Test Software ]

Useless Split Testing?

I’ve critiqued 11 split-test materials for my clients this week so far, and I realized many people *do not* know how to conduct split-tests properly – leaving the results virtually useless. For the most accurate results, test only a specific area of your marketing piece at one time… one price against another one headline against…

Testing and Tracking Your Killer Sales Letter

Phew! I am finally done with my new sales letter. What a pain in the ass. It literally took me two weeks to get it like I wanted it — and still I am not satisfied. However this is where I need to start based on my testing. I am running a split test of…