They Will Follow Orders!

I saw Alice Seba’s point out four ways to make more money with affiliate programs. I do agree with this point she made… – Don’t give too many choices. If you’re creating “how to” materials, you might want to recommend certain products for the job. For example, if you’re talking about how to set up…

Speed: Increase The Tempo Of Your Writing For More Profits!

By definition, speed is rapidity of ACTION. Speed is a powerful weapon — especially in marketing and making mon~ey. In fact, the tempo of your writing determines your income. That is why it is critical to be prolific. Let me explain… Your content is intellectual property. It is something that has value and goes immediately…

CraigsList Marketing

I ran across a forum discussion concerning affiliate marketing on CraigsList. The question? “How do you market on Craigslist without being banned?” There is an aggressive “anti-capitalist” flavor to the website — which only makes sense when the company is headquartered in liberal San Francisco. They ban most ads that link directly to ClickBank. My…

Profiting From Videos

Have you heard of Nerissa Odin “The Video Queen”? She is Joe “Mr Fire” Vitale’s significant other — and she has come out with a sweet piece of software that allows the layman to embed any kind of video into a webpage in just a few easy steps. But that is not all. The software…

Inside Look At The Feed Market

There is a great article over at FeedBurner on how RSS feeds are being accessed by your readers — and I was surprised by the results. It seems that Google Reader is quickly becoming the reader of choice. [URL: Burning Questions • FeedBurner’s View of the Feed Market ]

Did You Know?

Here is a video that will make you think. Highly recommended.

Do You Have Crabs?

“Why doesn’t the store owner put a cover on those?” My cousin pointed at a bucket of crabs that was sitting on the floor. She is visiting from San Francisco, and I decided to take her to the Asian food market to get some fresh ingredients for dinner. “You don’t need a cover on crabs,…

WallStrip Has The Right Stuff

Wallstrip is a relatively new company that is making waves in the financial news sector. As The New York Times says: “It’s Squawk Box meets Saturday Night Live.” I think that description is dead on. And you need to take a peek at this video I snagged from YouTube. It features smokin’ hottie Lindsay Campbell…

Joe’s Goals

Here is an awesome little free service that helps you with achieving goals. [URL: Joe’s Goals — Free Online Habit Tracking ]

Free Web Conferencing

I just found a FREE web conferencing service. This would be perfect if you are just getting your feet wet in coaching. It would also be a great tool for planning strategy sessions with colleagues or your super affiliates. [URL: Yugma — FREE Web Conferencing ]